station (plural stations)

  1. A place where a vehicle (especially a train) may stop.
    The next station is Esperanza.
  2. A place where one stands or stays in order to perform a task.
    From my station at the front door, I greeted every visitor.
  3. Area of a restaurant allocated to one waiter or waitress.
  4. A military base.
    She had a boyfriend at the station.
  5. A place used for broadcasting radio or television.
    I used to work at a radio station.
  6. A broadcasting entity.
    I used to listen to that radio station.
  7. (Australia & NZ) A very large sheep or cattle farm
    There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around, that the colt from old Regret had got away (A. B. Patterson, poet)


  • (broadcasting entity): (that broadcasts television) channel
  • (military base): base, military base
  • (large sheep or cattle farm): farm, ranch

7 letters in word "station": A I N O S T T.

No anagrams for station found in this word list.

Words found within station:

ai ain ains ais ait aits an ani anis ant anti antis ants as at att in ins into io ion ions ios iota iotas is iso it ita itas its na naoi naos nas nat nats nis nit nits no nos not nota nott oast oat oats oi oint oints on ons onst os ostia sai sain saint san sant santo sat sati satin si sin sit snit snot so son sot st stain stat stint stoa stoai stoat stoit stot stotin ta tai tain tains taint taints tais tait taits tan tanist tans tanti tanto tao taos tas tat tatin tats ti tin tins tint tints tis tit titan titans to toast toit toits ton tons tosa tost tot tots

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